Music - Our music ministries welcome people of all ages and musical abilities.  Along with our organist, groups lead the hymns and provide special music each week to help support the worship messages. During the COVID-19 pandemic, all music ministries rehearse online.

Our book club meets on the second Wednesday of each month at 7pm. A different person leads the discussion each month, but nobody is ever forced to read. Our books are varied - it’s mostly fiction, but some non-fiction, ranging from Erik Larson’s The Splendid and the Vile to Kiley Reid’s Such a Fun Age, Malala Yousafazi’s I Am Malala to Catherine Ryan Hyde’s Have You Seen Luis Velez?  

The Agape group meets the first and third Saturdays of each month at 4pm for spiritual study and mutual support. This group is always open to new members, but works with a promise that what we share in the group won’t go beyond the members - this helps us trust each other deeply, ask difficult questions, and wonder together about our faith, our world, and our God.


The Chancel Choir sings during Sunday morning services from late August through the end of May/early June.  All are welcome regardless of singing ability, musicianship or physical limitations.  A variety of musical styles are presented for everyone’s enjoyment.  This dedicated community of music lovers rehearses Thursday evenings.  If you don’t have the time for weekly rehearsal, join us on a temporary basis for special musical services.


The Chime Choir plays several times a year, using a 3-octave chime set.  Rehearsals are Sundays after service, for about four weeks before performance date.  You don’t need to read music, or be a certain age, or have ever played chimes before! We welcome all, especially adult-children pairs.


The Instrumental Group accompanies appropriate hymns and often provides music for postludes.  Rehearsals are usually Saturdays before the day they are scheduled to play or Sundays before service.  The group currently includes guitar, keyboard, drum, ukulele, violin, viola, flute and autoharp, and we’re open to adding more!  Members also provide obligatos or solos during the year, especially during the summer when the choir is off.


Family Ministries is intergenerational in its focus on creating spiritual well-being, growth, and discipleship in children, youth and families. We want to make disciples who impact their communities by loving God, loving others, and becoming disciples. These traits are instilled through Faith Formation groups, participation in worship, and a focus on outreach to our neighbors.


Living Stones Children’s Fellowship is for ages 6-11. Faith Formation meets on Sunday mornings during worship services, when we are able to meet in person. Children also are welcome to join our Chimes Choir, participate in worship services, as well as participate other special worship events.


The Coracle, based on the idea of people preparing to go out into the world to impact their communities, is our youth ministry for ages 12-18. We get together regularly for fireside chats, events, and small groups. Youth often participate in our worship services and music ministry.