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Music is an important part of who we are

Music: About

Chancel Choir

The Chancel Choir sings during Sunday morning worship from late August through early June. All are welcome - you can be a professional or new, experienced or still a bit afraid to project. We rehearse Thursday evenings, and sing a variety of musical styles.  If you don’t have the time for weekly rehearsal, join us on a temporary basis for special musical services.


The Chime Choir plays several times a year.  Rehearsals are Sundays after service, for about four weeks before the performance date.  You don’t need to read music, or be a certain age, or have ever played chimes before! We welcome all, especially adult-children pairs.


Our instrumental group accompanies hymns and plays other music.  Rehearsals are Sundays before service.  The group currently includes guitar, keyboard, drum, ukulele, violin, viola, bass flute and autoharp, and whatever you bring!  Members also lead vocals, especially during the summer when the choir is off.

Chime Choir

The Band

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